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Following search engine optimisation, (once the revised site is live), all of the pages on your site that were optimised will be manually submitted to the most important U.S. based and regional search engines. Professional search engine submissions will be made to engines and directories where your site is not already listed.

Search engines continue to be the number one way people find what they’re looking for on the Internet. Failing to submit your URL to the most popular search engines is like the “kiss of death” in cyberspace. That said, despite those spam emails you may have seen that claim otherwise, regular resubmission to engines is completely unnecessary.

Our ranking reports keep track of your site every four weeks. If your site is already ranking highly, there is no need to resubmit it. However on a monthly basis, we check your site listings in each search engine and directory. It will be resubmitted to any engines that have dropped your site altogether, or when you have added new content pages that require submission. Our search engine submission services are included as part of your ongoing monthly fees.

The need to resubmit to search engines on a regular basis is a myth - most search engines, including Google, index sites regularly. If your site is already in the database of a search engine, there is no need to submit it. At best, regular resubmission of your site will be ignored and at worst, could cause a "spamming" penalty of some kind.

Our search engine submission service for your site will always include the Top 50 U.S. based  search engines and directories. The most important of these  include:

·        Yahoo 
·        Google 
·        Fast / All The Web
·        AltaVista
·        Netscape
·        AskJeeves / Teoma
·        Lycos
·        AOL Search
·        Open Directory
·        LookSmart
·        MSN
·        Go Guides
·        Joe Ant
·        Gimpsy

If you require search engine submission elsewhere like the UK, Australia or New Zealand, we can easily accommodate this. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, we will include basic search engine submission to the top Australian or New Zealand search engines and directories free of charge. Depending on which search engine optimisation package you’ve chosen and your international target markets, we will also manually submit your site to other regional search engines and directories for a small extra fee - Click Here for details.

Web Rank has a list of over 1,500 engines & directories worldwide for you to choose from, so if you prefer, you can tailor your own list. But in our opinion, there is no better way to jump start traffic to your web site than URL submission to the Top Fourteen  listed above.

Check This Out :
It is estimated that combined, 
the Top 10 search engines receive 
up to 90% of all search traffic.

You may have heard about companies that use free search engine submission software that bulk submits to engines, however most search engines recognise this automated software and so can ignore web site submissions, or worse, ban future URL submissions from your site. Another disadvantage with search engine submission software is that you don’t have control over your site descriptions and can’t optimise each submission for each search engine. You need to hire a professional search engine submission company (like ours) that uses a manual process to avoid this.

Our staff have specialist knowledge of how each search engine categorises web sites, the type of URL submission data each engine prefers, their various ranking algorithms and how long it takes each engine to categorise your site following submission.

Once optimisation and search engine submission services have taken place, your site pages will then be continuously monitored using special software that looks for your site in the top 50 search matches for all your key words. Periodical search engine ranking reports will be provided to show you improvements in your site ranking for your chosen key words and phrases. We can even provide these reports on your competitor’s web sites to ensure you keep ahead of them.

To ensure up to date listings, your site rankings will be monitored each month for 6 or 12 months and where there is a significant drop in rankings, or your URL has disappeared from the index, your site will be manually re-submitted to the relevant search engine or directory. We do this very carefully, so as not to cause your site any ranking penalties from over-submission.

Once your site has been submitted to search engines and directories, you must be patient! Keep in mind that search engines can take anywhere between one and 12 weeks to list your site, so you may not notice ranking improvements for a few weeks.

Below is a table of approximate indexing times for the major engines and directories:

Search Engine / Directory Indexing Times

Search Engine / Directory Time to Index
Yahoo between 4-6 weeks (7 business days if using Express Submission)
Google 1-8 weeks
Fast / All The Web 1-2 weeks (faster if using Express Inclusion)
AltaVista 4-8 weeks (faster if using Express Inclusion)
Netscape 2-6 weeks
Inktomi / AOL / MSN 1-3 weeks (faster if using Search Submit Inclusion)
Lycos / HotBot 6-8 weeks (faster if using Express Inclusion)
Open Directory  2 weeks to several months
Looksmart 7 business days (must use LookListings)

If you have any questions about our professional search engine submission services please submit your enquiry.

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"I did four initial consultations in the past week and a half which is very encouraging. Web stats show a big jump from the tiny blips (of) prior weeks. Many thanks."
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