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Secrets to Getting Great Search Engine Placement

There are some secrets to getting great search engine placement. But search engine optimisation firms should be willing to share those with you when you hire them. Proof of top search engine rankings should always be verified before you hire any SEO company. Top 10 results are very difficult to achieve these days - we do it and we can prove it (view sample ranking report).

We always aim to get you in the Top 20 rankings on web search engines and we usually achieve much higher.  In fact, ALL our optimisation clients are ranking in the Top 10 results for at least ten of their chosen search terms on major search engines. We also offer a money-back guarantee on all our campaigns that we will achieve higher rankings for your site. 

Keep in mind there are no guarantees when it comes to web search engines. They donít even guarantee that your site will be listed, let alone placed in the top rankings, so with no ultimate control over the engines, search engine optimisation success relies on inside knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking techniques, combined with thorough performance testing of new code prior to installation. You should always choose a professional SEO, with proven results and an ethical approach to working with the search engines. The proof of our success in these areas is clear.   

SEO Client Success Stories

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Customer Testimonial :
"Dear Kalena, 
Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done with us on our search engine strategy. Not only have the results themselves been excellent, but we certainly appreciated the time you took along the way to explain the process to us and educate us in terms of outcomes. Looking forward to working with you again in the future."
Penny Blakeston
Marketing Manager
Australian Better Business Insurance




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