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  Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Services

Web Rank can implement a successful website optimisation and promotion campaign for you that will guarantee you higher search engine rankings and more traffic, or your money back.

The steps we use during the search engine / web site optimisation process include:

Once Off Activity*

  1. Search Engine Compatibility Review we carry out a detailed overview and analysis of your site's search engine compatibility in terms of HTML design, page extensions, link popularity, title and META tags, browser compatibility, link popularity, body text, ALT IMG tags, page load time, and dead links. We then provide a detailed report with recommendations based on our findings. Click Here to see a sample report. You'll need Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file. To view the report, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" and save it to your hard drive. (The report is recommended prior to the implementation of any optimisation package or is available as a stand-alone product for USD $495 / around NZD $750).  Click Here for more info on what's included in the report, or order yours now by clicking on the button below.

Search Engine Compatibility Report for USD 495 from PayPal*

    Search Engine Compatibility Report for USD 495 *

    2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Web Rank.

    * Please note the links above will take you to a secure online order form where you can order the SECR for USD 495 - the approximate equivalent of NZD 750. If you prefer to pay in a different currency, please click on the "Buy from 2CO" button and choose the relevant flag in the 2CO checkout area. If you prefer to pay via check or direct deposit, please email us and we will invoice you in local currency (+ GST if applicable).

  1. Requirements Gathering we give you a questionnaire to complete to ensure we tailor our web site optimisation services to your exact needs. [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  2. Keyword Research & Consultation we undertake extensive keyword research using Keyword Discovery to determine what people are typing in to search engines to find products and services similar to yours. We also look at your competitor's site(s) to find search terms they are using. 

    Using specialist software, we analyze the resulting search keywords and phrases for performance and determine how many other sites are competing for high rankings with the same terms. We then provide you with a list of search terms especially tailored for your site, in order of potential ranking performance on the various engines. In consultation with you, we revise and streamline the list to come up with four or five priority search terms for each page being optimised. [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  3. META Tag Creation this is where we draft tailored Title and META tags for each page being optimised, utilizing prioritized search terms.  [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  4. META Tag Performance Testing - The tags are then run through testing software to check for search engine effectiveness and ranking potential across a range of search engines. [Included in Works package only]
  5. Site Compatibility Fixes we put together all the tools needed to improve your site's compatibility with search engines, including tailored title and META tags, ALT IMG tags, code integration instructions and other recommendations based on the results of our Search Engine Compatibility Report. [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  6. Site Copywriting one of the most crucial steps of any website optimisation for search engines, this is when we take a look at your existing site copy and with your input, our professional copywriter makes changes to ensure it is both search engine compatible and viewer friendly. This can include additions of keywords and phrases to your existing body text, or the drafting of entirely new body text for various pages, to ensure ranking relevancy and content satisfying to both search engine and viewer. [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  7. Integration & Upload of Changes this is where we (or your site administrators if you prefer) integrate the new META tags, body text and other code alterations, then upload the revised page to your site via FTP. [Included in Basics/Works packages]
  8. Search Engine Submission once we're notified integration is complete, we submit your site to search engines and directories (the top 20 worldwide, as well as other relevant regional search engines and directories), using our insider's knowledge of how search engines work. [Included in Basics/Works packages]

Ongoing Reporting & Maintenance#

Search Engine Ranking Reports - depending on your chosen package, we supply monthly search engine ranking reports for you to track improvements for your site on main search engines and directories for chosen search terms for 6 or 12 months. First, we set up a ranking account for you with our specialist search engine ranking software and run an initial ranking mission to establish your site's ranking prior to the optimisation campaign. You will receive a report every two weeks for the first month following search engine submission, then monthly for the term of your contract. Keep in mind that search engines can take anywhere between one and 12 weeks to list your site, so you may not notice improvements for a few weeks. To see a sample ranking report, Click Here. To see another, Click Here.

Rankings Maintenance - to ensure up to date listings, your site rankings are monitored each month for 6 or 12 months and each month, where there is a significant drop in rankings or your URL has disappeared from the index, your site is resubmitted to the relevant search engine or directory. We do this very carefully, so as not to cause your site any ranking penalties from over submission. We will also "tweak" your META tags from time to time during the duration of the contract, to ensure your target search terms keep ranking well.

Campaign Performance Reporting - we undertake regular consulting with you via phone, email or chat to ensure campaign objectives are being met (on-site consultations incur an hourly fee). We also supply monthly detailed ROI reports on the cost-effectiveness of the SEO campaign. These reports are delivered in an Excel spreadsheet and can include detailed site visitor statistics if you don't already have access to these. To see a sample Campaign Performance Report, Click Here. (Performance measurement requires access to your existing web site statistics, or permission to install WebTrends Live visitor statistics tracking code within your optimised pages).

Paid Directory Submissions, Paid Inclusion and Pay For Performance Options

Web Rank offers a range of paid submission, paid indexing and Pay For Performance options on the various search engines, directories and Pay Per Click engines, including:

Click on the links above to read more about these options. 

* Please note that not all steps are included in each package and more time is spent on some steps, depending on the package chosen. To see the differences between our website optimisation and promotion services, please view our search engine optimisation pricing page.

# Each SEO campaign has a minimum 6 month reporting and maintenance contract.

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Client Testimonial:
"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kalena & Web Rank. We were very pleased with the results and rankings. I was also very impressed by the quick turn around times and proactive/ little extras that are given.

One thing that I think I need to mention is that this is a changing science and to maintain good results you need to continue to use Web Rank to keep up with the changes.

I have referred my friends and family to Kalena - what more can I say about her!"
Stephanie O'Donnell
Exclusive Journeys Ltd



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