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Besides search engine optimisation packages, Web Rank offers a range of other online marketing and consulting services. These are outlined below in AUD. Click Here for USD pricing.

Search Engine Compatibility Review

As part of our web ranking and optimisation services, this is a detailed overview and analysis of a site's performance in terms of browser compatibility, HTML design, site navigation, search engine friendliness, popularity, load time, and dead link checks. The report analysis is software driven and is available per site. Click Here to see a sample report. You'll need Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file. The report is a pre-requisite for every search engine optimisation package or is available as a stand-alone product for AUD $595, for companies who would like to know how to make their site compatible with search engines, with a view to optimising it themselves. 

Click Here for more info on what's included in the report, or order yours now by clicking on the button below. 

(Please note this link will take you to a secure online order form where you can order the SECR by credit card or PayPal funds for USD 495. If you prefer to be invoiced and pay in AUD + GST, please click here).  

Site Consultation Via Phone/Chat

Having trouble getting your site ranked highly? Does your site have a technical problem that is a barrier to high rankings? Don't know what the problem is? Want step-by-step help to optimising your own site? Just want some advice? Don't worry! We offer phone/chat consultations for that personalised service.

We now offer site consultations via Live Help. By clicking on the icon below, you are requesting to chat with one of our operators. Please note that consulting advice relating specifically to your site is charged at the rate of AUD 50 for the first 15 minutes (payable in advance) and AUD 35 for every additional 15 minutes. If the icon below says LIVE HELP OFFLINE, click on it to leave us a message and we will get back to you.


Our rates are:

Phone/Chat Consultation*: First 15 minutes = $50 AUD 
Every additional 15 minutes = $35 AUD

Order this service Here.
For USD Pricing, please Click Here.

* If you are located in Australia or New Zealand and want telephone consulting, we will call you. If you are outside these countries, you will need to call us at a pre-arranged time.

Link Building Campaigns

An optional but highly recommended phase in the Search Engine Optimisation process is a link building campaign to help improve your site's link popularity, an important factor in the ranking algorithms of many major search engines these days (particularly Google). This would include: 

  • Researching and locating top sites in your niche market that are highly relevant to their target audience and have excellent linking potential. 
  • Working with you to select the most relevant sites to exchange links with.
  • Contacting and requesting reciprocal links from each of the target sites individually. (This is a time-consuming process that must be done by hand, one at a time. There are no shortcuts and no automated software is ever used. The goal is to establish a professional, search engine friendly and mutually beneficial relationship on your behalf with the right link partners for your business.)

Pricing for our Link Building campaigns is:

$995 AUD (for 25 quality, guaranteed links) 

$1,725 AUD (for 50 quality, guaranteed links) 

$2,925 AUD (for 100 quality, guaranteed links) 

Please note the above links will take you to a secure online order form where you can order your Link Building Campaign by credit card or PayPal funds for in USD for the approximate equivalent of AUD prices listed above. If you prefer to be invoiced and pay in AUD + GST, please Click Here).  

For USD Pricing, please Click Here.

Given the ranking boost that link popularity can provide for sites in Google and other important search engines, we highly recommend this service to all our clients.

Worldwide Search Engine Submission

Have overseas markets? Want your site submitted to search engines in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Europe or Asia? We can submit your site to the most popular search engines and directories in over 100 countries! Our rates are:

English language search engines: Top 10 engines per country = $30 AUD each
Every additional engine per country = $15 AUD each
Foreign language search engines: POA

For example, say you wanted your site submitted to some English language engines in Europe - Let's say 20 in the U.K., 10 in France and 5 in Germany, the cost would be:

UK = 10 x $30 + 10 x $15 = $450
France = 10 x $30 = $300
Germany = 5 x $30 = $150
TOTAL = $900.00 AUD + GST

Click Here for a list of regional search engines by country.
Request a quotation for this service Here.
For USD Pricing, please Click Here.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly consulting is available for clients who don't have the budget for a full optimisation campaign at this stage, or would prefer to purchase our SEO services in hourly blocks. Our consultation services include the following:

  • Search Engine Compatibility analysis of your site
  • The preparation of a Search Engine Compatibility Report
  • Phone / email / chat consultations with you about your site
  • Any or all of the optimisation services outlined here

Consulting Fees (in AUD):

Standard Rate Hourly Consulting Charge = $160.00 + GST

Bulk Rates:

Per hour (4 hours or less): $160.00
5 hour block (5% bulk discount): $760.00
10 hour block (10% bulk discount): $1,440.00    
20 hour block (20% bulk discount): $2,560.00

Terms: Hourly fees due in advance.

* To give you an idea of cost breakdown, on average the SEO Basics Package takes us 15 hours to complete and the SEO Works Package takes us 40 hours to complete (not including ongoing reporting and maintenance).

For USD Pricing, please Click Here.

Site Performance Reports

Once optimisation services have taken place, in tandem with an optimisation campaign or following the launch of a new site, some of our clients like to receive a more detailed indication of their site’s overall performance, particularly if there are launch expenses to be justified or monetary targets to be met.

This requirement has prompted us to come up with a comprehensive Site Performance Reports that cover detailed site traffic and search engine web ranking data on a monthly or quarterly basis. We've found that site performance can be measured quite effectively via a combination of site statistical interpretation and search engine ranking reports.

Depending on where your site is hosted, statistical software may already be in place on your web server. Ask your web host for access to your sites' "log files". These will be presented to you in the form of reports, usually accessible on-line via password login, via software such as WebTrends or Statistics Server. These reports are generated by software on the server that measures valuable customer data and visitor trends such as number of site hits, visitor origins, most popular pages, how visitors found your site and what search terms they used to find it. This data is collected, collated and presented in coloured tables and charts for easy interpretation.

Your web hosting company usually provides access to this information as part of your hosting package - just ask what site stats package they use. If you don't already have access to statistical software and are hosting your site internally, we can provide these stats for a small additional cost.

To produce your Site Performance Report, we take your site's statistical (log file) information and merge it with detailed search engine web ranking reports. Data is then thoroughly measured and performance tested by Web Rank staff to produce a complete SWOT analysis on your site’s performance over a specified period. The analysis takes into account how your site performed in terms of popularity, usability and find-ability, as well as making some general observations and recommendations for improvement. The entire Site Performance Report is produced in hard copy format, bound and sent directly to you and/or your stakeholders on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly, depending on your requirements).

Our clients find these reports particularly useful for justifying/curbing Internet expenditure, making content changes and planning for future site expansion. Pricing is part of a tailored optimisation package and differs for each client. (Request a quotation here).

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