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Web Rank is an internet marketing consultancy company that specialises in optimising our client's web sites to help them achieve a higher search engine ranking. The company was established in Australia in 1999 with one client, expanded rapidly and a second office was set up in New Zealand in 2000. We currently operate from our head office in Bellingen, NSW Australia and have resellers across the globe. We have successfully optimised web sites for over 50 clients and currently have clients in nine countries worldwide, with around 80 percent of our client base located in the United States.

As well as highly effective search engine optimisation services, we also offer hosting and internet marketing strategies, including pay per click search engine campaigns and paid directory submission services.

We are a member of SEO Consultants (, World Association of Internet Marketers ( and SEO Pros ( As well as being experts in internet marketing online strategy, Web Rank staff are moderators and regular contributors to search engine forums, newsletters and discussion groups. With clients including blue chip companies, Web Rank has established an impressive track record to date, by achieving high search engine rankings for every client.


How Can We Help?

Chances are you found this site via a search engine or directory, right? You probably typed in a search for  search engine optimisation, internet or web and marketing company, internet marketing promotion, internet marketing business or some other related phrase and then clicked on a link to this URL, correct? Well that was no accident. And that's exactly what we can get YOUR customers to do.

By using our expert skills in search engine optimisation, we can get YOU listed in the top search results of major search engines for search terms relating to YOUR products and services, which will help your customers find YOUR URL, click on YOUR link and visit YOUR web site. The best thing about SEO is that when they arrive, your web site visitors are highly qualified targets for your goods and services because they have just typed in a search directly relating to them. Talk about a targeted internet marketing strategy!

Your first step to higher rankings is to determine how compatible your existing site is with search engines. Got no idea? Why not request a free ranking report from us to see how you're currently ranking? Or if you already know your site is not ranking well and you need some advice, submit an enquiry for us to take a look and give you an obligation free assessment and quotation to improve the situation. We provide both these services free of charge. Once you've done that, browse around our site to learn more about our search engine optimisation services or study some of our client's SEO success stories to witness the kind of results achievable. If you have any questions, simply contact us. Here's to high rankings!


Web Rank staff come from a variety of fields, including sales, IT and marketing. Senior staff include:

Kalena Jordan - Chief Executive Officer 

Web Rank Chief Executive Officer, Kalena Jordan, was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australasia and is well known and respected in the industry, particularly in the U.S. (conduct a Google search for her name).
Forging parallel careers in the public relations and IT industries in Australia and New Zealand, Kalena has over fifteen years experience in the corporate sector, advising companies throughout the Asia Pacific region on public relations matters and Internet technologies. With her in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing techniques and several years experience in search engine optimization for client web sites, she decided to specialize and set up her own SEO company (Web Rank) in 1999.
Kalena's previous roles have included SEO Manager for a web development firm, Public Relations consultant, Freelance web site designer, Marketing Manager for a computer systems firm and five years as Public Relations Advisor to the Royal Thai Government. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Kalena loves Middle Eastern music and is learning how to play the darbuka, a type of drum that's very popular in that region. You often hear darbuka players accompanying belly dancers, such as featured in this piece of music:



Gerald Jordan - Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer for Web Rank, Gerald has extensive experience in Business Management, client liaison and accounting. Gerald is also responsible for our detailed client SEO Campaign Performance Reporting and site analytics services.

Gerald's qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts from the U.S., a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Languages and a Master of Education, all from Australia.

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Client Testimonial:
Hi Kalena

"Thanks for the SEO. Sandra and I are very happy with the results and our fears of the stats going through the floor when the doorways were removed was not realized, which we are very pleased about. We also appreciate your flexibility and working with us so that we were all happy with what was done to achieve SEO. We have been more than happy with your work and would recommend you to others.

Thanks again".
Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson
Managing Directors
Birthnet Pty Ltd





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