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Once optimisation services have taken place, in tandem with an optimisation campaign or following the launch of a new site, we like our clients to receive a more detailed indication of their site’s overall performance in terms of ROI, particularly if there are launch expenses to be justified or monetary targets to be met. We've found that site performance can be measured quite effectively via a combination of site statistical interpretation and search engine ranking reports.

This requirement has prompted us to come up with a comprehensive SEO Campaign Performance Report as part of our Ongoing Ranking Reporting and Maintenance services. These reports are in PDF format and include the provision of ClickTracks site visitor metrics and ROI analysis of the effectiveness of the SEO campaign via measurement of site traffic and search engine referrals. The analytics can also be tailored to allow you to track Pay Per Click campaigns, navigation pathways and resulting sales/conversions per month. Provision of these reports requires access to your site's raw log files and your ability to read PDF documents.

See below for two screen shots from our sample SEO Campaign Performance report (click on the images for a closer look):

Click here to download a sample SEO Campaign Performance Report in PDF format. (You'll need Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file). Please note that detailed site recommendations are not included in our sample report, due to commercial-in-confidence restrictions.

SEO Campaign Performance Reports are delivered monthly together with search engine ranking reports via a password protected folder on our Web Rank site, with email prompts when new data is added each month.

Our clients find these reports particularly useful for justifying/curbing Internet expenditure, making content changes and planning for future site expansion. Pricing is part of our standard optimisation packages and a quotation is available upon request, following the preparation of a Search Engine Compatibility Review. (Request a quotation here).

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Client Testimonial:
"Looking very good indeed. Referrals also up in the past two weeks. Especially heartening to come up twice on the first page of some search engines. This kind of visibility is hard to get and, I suspect, extremely valuable. Salut".

Andre A. Moore
A Psychotherapy Group in the Village, New York City



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